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4 week Iyengar yoga course in Goa ,India

4 consecutive weeks with Maggie Hughes:Iyengar Certified teacher - 2 hours each class (9-11am) - This course is taught in March.

The 30 day course follows the same path as the 5 and 10 day Iyengar yoga courses unfolding with a more defined focus to each week:
1st week focus:
standing poses/including the"A, B, C’s" of Iyengar "rope work"
2nd week focus:
forward bends & twists/including innovative Iyengar "rope work"
3rd week focus:
backbends/including extensive and unimaginable Iyengar "rope work"
4th week focus:
"Iyengar" Pranayama: quiet, stillness and silence.
("The Yoga Sutras" by Patanjali (Chapter 1, 2nd aphorism) defines yoga as the ceasing of the vibrations of the mind: Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirhdhi Ha.).

Every class: Sirsasana (head stand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand): including Hanging "rope"sirsasana and "Chair" sarvangasana.
Adv. Beg/Intermediate level. This course offered in March. No "drop-ins" to this course.

Teacher: Maggie Hughes
Date: 1 - 28 March 2005
Country: India
Location: The Goa Yoga Center
Price: $400.E300
Contact: Maggie Hughes
The Goa Yoga Center
Candolim Beach.Escrivao Vaddo(Compound of Mrs I Fernandes)
Goa 403 515
Phone: +91-832-277-5865
Email: yogamaggieh@iyengar-yoga.com
Website: http://www.yogamaggieh.com/


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