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The yogic philosophical precepts of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, which detail moral, ethical and spiritual growth and responsibility, are the underlying foundation of the system. Techniques are taught according to the methods developed by Shri BKS Iyengar. Students of every level should practice regularly between lessons. Students should repeat each level of class, sometimes several times, before moving up.
Teen Yoga: open to teens grades 9-12.

Level 1: Introductory beginners' class for students new to yoga or new to the Iyengar method.

Level 2: Continuing students who have completed two, (or more), Level 1 sessions.

Level 3: Continuing level for students who do inversions with ease at the wall.

Level 4: Continuing advanced level classes open only to students who practice regularly, can hold with ease more than 5 minutes inversions with variations away from the wall, and can work backbends deeply and independently.

Pranayama (meditative breathing) - Open to Level 2 students and above who can comfortably hold inversions for 5 minutes (wall allowed). Long steady work in quieting asanas, as well as breathing techniques are taught in this class.

Gentle Yoga - Slower pace class where poses are taught with more modifications and props to accommodate older students or those with mild chronic health conditions. Please obtain your Doctor's permission before enrolling for this class.

Practice study hours
The Ann Arbor School of Yoga welcomes all enrolled Yoga students to practice at our center during the scheduled hours. Students may pay $3 drop-in fee or purchase a practice card worth 15 visits for $30. Students are expected to practice safely and quietly, respecting the self-study atmosphere during the practice hours. Books, audio tapes and videos will be available for in-house study during these hours.

Apprentice Teacher Program
Apprentice Teachers will be prepared for the IYNAUS assessment for certification. Students enrolled in the Apprentice Teacher Program must register for at least one upper-level asana class per week with Laurie and observe one beginning class as well. Apprentice Teachers must also enroll for the entire Saturday Study Days each term. Additional monthly meetings are scheduled for the Apprentice Teachers where their observations and questions are discussed. Apprentice Teachers' total fees are discounted 10%. The Apprentice Teacher Program may not be held every session. For further information, contact Laurie at 734-663-7612, or send e-mail to info@annarborschoolofyoga.com.

Contact: Laurie Blakeney
530 N. Ashley
Ann Arbor 48103
United States
Phone: 734-663-7612
Email: info@annarborschoolofyoga.com
Website: http://www.annarborschoolofyoga.com/


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