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the lotus sitting???




Aug 18, 2004, 9:02 AM

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the lotus sitting??? Can't Post

I practised the lotus sitting for around 3 months. Now I can keep it for around half hour and I feel fine when I am in the pose. But After I come out from the lotus sitting, I feel the pain on the back of my right knee, usually I put the right leg on the bottom. The same kind of pain also happen on the right knee when I am in the triangle pose. The pain came up since I pratised the lotus sitting. I confuse how It happen,Did anyone have the same experience can share??


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Aug 24, 2004, 4:22 PM

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Re: the lotus sitting??? [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Eva
I practised Padmasana every day for a while and suffered pains in the front knee.
I had developed my own problem where I had supported the bottom knee to be level with the top leg knee and I got up too quickly after sitting for a while.
Luckily Shah Ratan Lal was visiting UK at the time and he briefly instructed me with sitting on a brick in Virasana with folded blanket tucked in behind my knees.
The pain dissappeard thereafter.
At that same workshop another practitioner had problems with the back of her knees (she said that she had bakers knee)and he instructed her to sit on two or three blocks in Virasana but no blanket behind the knees.
He said that one man's medicine could be another man's poison and that both our problems where different.
He also made a good point to swap the legs each day .
Since then I have looked in Light on Pranayama,page67-69,pl 23 and noticed the top leg knee supported for a longer stay in Padmasana.
Also I realised that the soles of feet do not come to the ceiling but the wall behind so not straining the knees quite so much as I did before reading LoP.
Hope your knees are back to normal soon.


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